Meet The Team

Experienced, knowledgeable, capable, and helpful, we look forward to assisting with your eye care & eye wear requirements.

  • Damon Sluchniak,
    Practice Owner

    Damon’s career as an optical dispenser began in 1993, from laboratory to retail floor. Having been with Eyes of Claremont since 2005, Damon is relentlessly driven to provide excellence in product, and customer experience.

    Extensive product knowledge, and a keen eye, combine to ensure each of Damon’s clients are provided with a individually tailored solution to their eyewear requirements.

  • Caroline Marsh

    Caroline has been practicing optometry since 1994, and brings a wealth of experience, clinical knowledge & ability, combined with refreshing candour. Having worked in a variety of locations around Australia, Caroline has been with Eyes of Claremont since 2015.

  • Simone Sluchniak

    Simone began with Eyes of Claremont in 2015. With a background in the finance and superannuation sector, providing insights & experience, Simone brings a fresh set of eyes to the Practice and her role as Accounts Manager.

  • Emma Armstrong

    Emma has returned to where it began, having managed Eye of Claremont some 18 years ago, Emma reprised her optical dispensing position in 2017. With the loving yet steely determination of the mother of two young children, Emma approaches her role with passion and integrity.

  • Niamh Liron

    Niamh is an optical dispenser with exceptional product knowledge, and a discerning judge of eyewear design. Niamh joined Eyes of Claremont as a fully qualified dispenser in 2009, having previously worked in private practice whilst completing her optical studies.

    Niamh approaches her trade in a personal, organised, and professional manner.

  • Margaret Hand

    Margaret has been with Eyes of Claremont since 2020 and brings with her a wealth of experience. Having worked in both corporate optics and private practice, Margaret has exceptional product knowledge, and an unmistakable eye for style.