Eye Exams

At Eyes of Claremont, we realise optimum vision goes hand in hand with peak ocular health.

During the eye check our optometrists take exceptional pride in combining accuracy and experience to optimise both outcomes.

Visual requirements are so different for each person, we understand spectacles and contact lenses need to be custom designed to suit your lifestyle, work and activities.

Eyes of Claremont take the time to ask the right questions, explain the most effective options and provide the premium optical solution for you.

Our comprehensive eye examinations utilise state of the art instrumentation, and include tests and advice for macular and retinal health, glaucoma, corneal and anterior eye health and cataracts.

We would greatly value the opportunity to start you on your contact lens journey or improve your current contact lens wear experience.

We have a particular interest in all types of contact lenses and enjoy great success with latest technology advancements in comfort and highest oxygen transfer lens materials.

Eyes of Claremont have a large range of children’s eyewear and vast experience in assessing children’s vision of all ages. We provide reports for GPs and School Nurse referrals. If you are due for an eye test, book an eye test online or come in-store and our friendly staff can help out.

Eyes of Claremont can also assist you with:

  • Visual fields examination,
  • Diabetes fundus assessment
  • Aged care and monitoring macula health
  • Sport and cycling spectacles
  • Australian Standard safety spectacles
  • Vocational eye examinations
  • Colour vision testing,
  • Skippers’ ticket certificates
  • Drivers’ vision assessments
  • Ingrown eyelash removal
  • Wheelchair access

We liaise closely with local GPs and Ophthalmologists and enjoy a fine reputation as a high quality Optical Independent practice for referral and management of patients.

Eyes of Claremont look forward to helping you see your world with clarity.


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