With the 2022 calendar flicking over to September, we are taking stock of a year whirling by at break neck speed. An overview of our circumstance here in West Australia during the pandemic, the conditions generated by our hard border, and the “soft landing” experienced post its re-opening(admittedly, respondent dependant), sees us fortuitously placed, broadly speaking. This in the context of what others around the world, and within Australia, have had to cope with.

That being said, the commercial situation we find ourselves in is not without its challenges, fore mostly the far reaching  Skilled Labour Shortage Australia is experiencing.

The shortage of skilled labour is felt by all, in addition to the global strain placed on lines of supply.

Healthcare & specialised trades are amongst those facing a structural shortage of skills, our optical industry certainly not immune.  We recently said goodbye to our very own Hugh, who returned to his Victorian roots, his presence, aptitude and experience will be missed.

We’re doing our utmost to provide the level of attention and service we pride ourselves on, working in collaboration with our lens laboratories, & suppliers, to deliver in a timely manner, whilst enhancing your experience with the very latest in optical technology.

The recent update of the consulting suite to “gold standard” Zeiss Visual Fields Analyser, and addition of ground breaking Rodenstock DNEye Biomteric Eye Scanner, demonstrate our ongoing commitment to your eye heath & vision.

We ‘d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing patience, and understanding.

Damon Sluchniak


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